Welcome to the home page of Argon Network Switcher!

7 October - Release 1.4.8

Minor bug fix. See release note for more info.

24 April 2013 - Release 1.4.6

Minor bug fix. See release note for more info.

5 March 2013 - Release 1.4.5

Minor bug fix. See release note for more info.

4 March 2013 - Release 1.4.4

Several bug fix. See release note for more info.

19 January 2013 - Release 1.4.3

Bug fix: firefox proxy override now use , instead of ; . THANKS FEDOR!

18 June 2012 - Release 1.4.2

This is a bug fix release about profile saving. Nothing else is changed!

13 May 2012 - Release 1.4.1

Release version 1.4.1! A small bug was found in previuos release on tray area menu. Fix immediately!

12 May 2012 - Release 1.4.0

Released version 1.4.0! Some new nice features are finally introduced. I read comments in forum and use for fix some bugs! Thank anonymous user! :D Next one?

9 Mar 2012 - Release 1.3.0

Released version 1.3.0! Some bug on user interface and some work done on autodetect profile! See release notes for more info!

27 Feb 2012 - 1.2.0 Is Out!

It was hard work, bu finally i finished! User interface has changed, i hope you like it. Check it out from Download or history or screenshoot!

1.0.1 is out!

This is a minor release. For further informations check history page. I know.. i have to do a decent release note file! :D

Firt Release: 9 January, 2012

Finally, after so many years of inactivity, I managed to restart developing the project. The released version is 1.0.0.

I tested the application on Windows XP and Windows 7. There are several points of improvements:

The application is free but any donation, however small, will be welcome. Just can even publish the source code. Really appreciate your feedback.

To report bugs, or requests please use the appropriate forum is located here.

Happy downloading!